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Brand Blueprint

Within 72 hours A real human designer
will provide you with:

  • Typefaces & Font Pairings
  • Color Swatches & Color-codes
  • Branded Design Examples
  • Branded reference site
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Who is this for?

  • Builders & Makers

    You’re a doer - an engineer, a carpenter, a welder, a programmer. But you’re not a designer.

  • Anti-'Time-wasters'

    Your time is valuable. You can’t waste 2 months and $2,000 finding a designer.

  • Self Starters

    You’re confident that if you had the blueprint for a brand you could take it and run with it.

What do I get?

  • Branded Typography

    Hand-selected font pairings with multplie weights. Includes font files and CSS code.

  • Branded Color Palette

    4-6 hand-selected color swatches. Includes hex codes and suggested use cases.

  • Branded Design Examples

    4 hand-designed images to get you started. Includes social media profile pic and timeline image.

  • Brand Blueprint Site

    A reference website with all of the deliverables. For sharing with your partners and vendors

Want to see for yourself?

  • Review Signal

    As web hosting review company, Review Signal required a brand that communicated trust and solidity.

    Review Signal Blueprint
  • Pawticas

    A combination dog walking and photography business, Pawticas needed a friendly and approachable brand.

    Pawticas Blueprint
  • Lin Qiu Industries

    Lin Qiu, being a senior software developer, wanted a personal brand that could grow with him. A brand that reflected his engineering background while remaining professional.

    Lin Qiu Industries Blueprint
  • Narwall

    Targeting high-income consumers meant that Narwall needed a brand that captured the luxury aesthetic while fitting with an existing typeface.

    Narwall Blueprint

What do I do next?

  1. Fill out a Company questionnaire

    Answer a few questions about your business and the feelings you want your brand to evoke.
    Should take less than than 10min.

  2. Pay $300

    One time payment. All major forms of payment are accepted. Secure checkout by Stripe™.

  3. Wait 72 hours for delivery

    Within 3 days of purchase you’ll receive your brand blueprint in your inbox.

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Why are you doing this?

We’re designers who love design but hate long, drawn-out branding projects for clients that aren't ready for an entire branding engagement.

Hundreds of design iterations; dozens of rounds of feedback and adjustments, meeting after meeting -- that’s fine for some projects, but not everyone needs that to get started.

We provide an alternative for customers who prefer an affordable, streamlined solution from talented designers.

Will I be able to make revisions?

No. Revisions and rounds of feedback would mean we couldn’t maintain our 72-hour turnaround time and would mean charging an hourly fee.

Could you charge more?

Yes. We have before but this is a different way of doing early stage branding. Studios charge hundreds of dollars an hour for services and branding packages typically run several thousand dollars.

By standardizing the output and time investment of our designers, we are able to offer a lower rate.

This provides you with a high-quality product for a small fixed fee at a quick turnaround.

What if I want a logo? or a website? Or an App?

Contact us, let us know a little about your project, and we’ll connect you with the appropriate designers and developers you need at no additional cost.

Can you help me implement the brand blueprint on my website?

Your brand blueprint will include a cascading style sheet that can be used to bring the fonts and colors to your website. If you have questions about how to use it with your particular setup, please let us know.